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NUVO’s Best of Indy Party 2010

Paid in beer and pizza to do this video, and somehow miraculously completed it!
By |August 12th, 2010|Events|0 Comments

Andrew Roberts sync or swim

Andrew Roberts tries to synchronized swim...or swim with synchronization, I don't know.
By |August 11th, 2010|Sports|1 Comment

Porkchop visits NUVO

Porkchop visits NUVO but is stalked by a snarling creature.
By |August 5th, 2010|Shorts|0 Comments

My brother pro wrestling!

This isn’t one of my videos, but it is my brother, and he is throwing suplexes and backbreakers all over the squared circle. He lost the match because of some questionable calls, but he does give the ref the business like a agitated football coach, a technique you must learn to become a […]

By |July 31st, 2010|Sports|0 Comments

The Coke Lot (NSFW)

The night before the Indy 500.
By |July 29th, 2010|Events|1 Comment

Oranje Peel Party

The Oranje Peel Preview party at Talbott Street.
By |July 27th, 2010|Events|0 Comments

Capsule at Dudefest

Capsule at Dudefest
By |July 23rd, 2010|Music|0 Comments

Suis La Lune at Dudefest

Suis La Lune was probably the most musical band at Dudefest. Coming from Goteborg, Sweden, this band plays with a masterful combination of technique and passion creating a sound unique to the Dudefest bands.

By |July 22nd, 2010|Music|0 Comments

Voetsek at Dudefest

Voetsek at Dudefest
By |July 21st, 2010|Music|0 Comments

Landmine Marathon at Dudefest 2010

Landmine Marathon performs for Dudefest at the Emerson Theater.
By |July 19th, 2010|Music|0 Comments