One man cannot capture the whole of the Broad Ripple Music Fest. Every year the fest seems to expand in diversity with more venues and musicians, but also in distance. I cannot walk the width and breadth of the fest, and I’d spend more time parking than partying if I took my car. Perhaps in future years they can implement a trolley system, maybe rent the tractors they use at the State Fair, or Segway trains. Too bad our lone Broad Ripple Segway dealership did not last (damn bicycles and their affordability).

So this video is of a few of the bands at the Broad Ripple Music Fest that were in and around Broad Ripple Ave. Musically, it’s all over the place; it’ll make you schizo, no doubt. Here’s who you’ll see:

Neon Love Life
Harley Poe
Mic Sol and A.C.E. O.N.E.
Murder by Death
Rhinoceros Beetle

If I didn’t get your favorite band, I’m sorry. Like I said, it’s a vast fest, and I am but one man.