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Broad Ripple Music Fest 2011

Montage of the 2011 Broad Ripple Music Fest
By |October 24th, 2011|Music|2 Comments

Whitney Coleman

Whitney Coleman performing live at Oranje 2011 on the Old Soul Entertainment stage.

By |September 23rd, 2011|Music|0 Comments

Kate Lamont at the Royal Crush

Kate Lamont at the Royal Crush
By |July 19th, 2011|Music|0 Comments

The Sounds of Tonic Ball 9

Dozens of local musicians playing Beatles covers to benefit Second Helpings
By |December 8th, 2010|Music|0 Comments

Municipal Waste at Dudefest 2010

Municipal Waste ripping faces at Dudefest.
By |August 12th, 2010|Music|0 Comments

Capsule at Dudefest

Capsule at Dudefest
By |July 23rd, 2010|Music|0 Comments

Suis La Lune at Dudefest

Suis La Lune was probably the most musical band at Dudefest. Coming from Goteborg, Sweden, this band plays with a masterful combination of technique and passion creating a sound unique to the Dudefest bands.

By |July 22nd, 2010|Music|0 Comments

Voetsek at Dudefest

Voetsek at Dudefest
By |July 21st, 2010|Music|0 Comments

Landmine Marathon at Dudefest 2010

Landmine Marathon performs for Dudefest at the Emerson Theater.
By |July 19th, 2010|Music|0 Comments

Lockstep – Last Time Again

Lockstep at the Melody Inn playing Last Time Again.
By |May 20th, 2010|Music|0 Comments