Below are some videos of Frank Bill, author of Crimes in Southern Indiana, talking about his experiences with writing, inspirations, and success. If you don’t know about the book Crimes in Southern Indiana, it’s a collection of loosely relating stories about the violent lives of desperate people who live in the blind spots of civilization. And Frank tells these bleak, exciting stories with authentic prose, putting the reader in darkest Southern Indiana, hoping to survive by any means like his characters throughout.

But the videos below tell Frank’s story: about what got him into writing, his inspirations, and his experiences in the writing industry. These were shot at the Big Car Service Center in Indianapolis. The web magazine, Punchnel’s, helped organize the event.

Frank reading from Crimes in Southern Indiana

Frank Bill: On Writing

Agents and Getting Published

Getting Into Writing

Dealing with Success

Here’s an older video I did of another Frank Bill reading.