The tenth anniversary of Oranje was a mighty Oranje indeed. This year’s Oranje was a great exhibition of artists many wouldn’t associate with Indiana or the Midwest: sculptors creating characters from scraps and toys, painters and printmakers created twisted redistributions of the pop culture they’d consumed all their lives, adventurous photographers skewing reality, and other artists who either provoke thought or mesmerize with their craft.

All this set to a soundtrack featuring dozens of Indiana and Midwest musicians that rattled the concrete walls of Oranje warehouse. Sound waves from all genres of music collided from electronic dance beats, smooth soulful jazz rap, raucous punk frustration, even music difficult to classify; all threaded into Oranje’s auditory tapestry.

Oranje is where Indiana’s underground creative culture worms its way to the surface and congregates in a two floor warehouse on the near northside of Indianapolis for a night. This video tries in vain to capture the experience, but only attending can give you the true sense of the event.

For more information about Oranje and its participants visit And keep checking back here for artists profiles and live performances from the night in the future.