WHOA! what the hell? Out of nowhere the Painter of Light dies Saturday“unexpectedly of natural causes.” If you don’t know who Thomas Kinkade is, he is the guy who painted that one picture of a cottage in rainy weather with the lights on in your mom’s house.

Thomas Kinkade will always hold a special place in my life because I met him once (that’s right, I drop names like you drop your kids off to little league). It was the summer of 2009: the Summer of Death, yet somehow I was surviving. Anne Purcell and I were at the Snake Pit Ball interviewing big time celebrities like Meredith from the Office and Julianne Hough’s brother. When I saw the list of celebrities attending the ball, I saw the incomparable Mr. Kinkade’s name on the list. I told Anne, The only way I’m going to recognize Thomas Kinkade is if he’s holding a canvas. The video above shows what happens next.

Goodnight, sweet Painter of Light. May the lights never extinguish from your cottage in the Beyond.

I made this picture in Photoshop a long time ago.